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To be a force for good in the world & to provide global & national solutions

World Solutions Foundation is a foundation committed to aiding to put an end to the world’s most dire situations and help other charities succeed in helping the world – To be a force for good in the world & to provide global & national solutions!

We currently are urgently raising money to fight the ‘Great Reset’ Agenda and Bill Gates De Population agenda with the falsified pandemic and bs 19 vaxx. A big part of World Solutions Foundation is to expose and stop the damaging effect and the threat to humanity this powerful foundation poses to the world.

We also need to raise millions to fight against the ‘Globalists Billionaire Socialists Totolarian’ agenda. The foundation is also committed to helping end child sex trafficking and supports endeavours such as Operation Railway Underground.

It also has supported Virgin Charities headed up by Billionaire Sir Richard Branson who has been a guest speaker at 21st Century University Events partly funded by World Solutions Foundation (WSF).

It is also a supporter to the ‘Basket Brigade’ an initiative by Anthony Robbins to feed millions per year and support the less privileged.

WSF supports those injured by vaccines to advocate for vaccine safety and expose the fraud within the vaccine industry.

Other charities and activism WSF supports include:
• 21st Century Australia movement
• The early stage investor in Bitcoin and Bitcoin 2.0(XBTC2)
• World Solutions foundation feature

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  • contact@worldsolutionsfoundation.com

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