The Global Health Organisation is launching to expose the Gates con WHO

Finally the current “One world Government “, the Gates controlled “World Health Organisation “ (WHO ) will have competition and not have the sole monopoly on Global Health. It will be exposed for its Bs 19 fraud. Support the GHO now and share its media releases and articles from Doctors and Scientists who have the integrity to speak the truth. Global Public Health should never be able to be hijacked by Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation and their vaccine cronies to push the deadly and irresponsible Global Medical Experiments over a falsified pandemic,that is being used as a Trojan horse to remove Global Citizens civil liberties and human freedoms to push on their totalitarian “Great Reset Agenda “. The world deserves “ Real public health “ which isn’t found in needles and drug company propaganda pushed for profit. Demand your Government ceases all taxpayer funding of WHO,immediately and support the GHO and its goals, including criminal action to be taken against the WHO and Gates and to end the madness of the Global Medical Experiment before hundreds of millions lose their lives from the deadly Bs 19 vaxx’s and it’s side effects over the coming years.

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Who Really is Bill Gates? -Part 1



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