How to beat the New World Order?

How to beat the New World Order?

By Jamie McIntyre

We can’t just be against something. We must be for something. We can’t win a two horse race if we don’t put a horse in the race. Here is now we can beat the “Elites“ at their own game.


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ladymirra (Miranda Barnes)
Brilliant idea Jamie. we all need to share and ignite this within many circles of society

oilyangelstribe (Annalise Tworkowski)
Great idea jamie! love this

clareh58 (Clare Henderson)
fantastic how can I help?

emmapeeller (Emma Peel)
Brilliant idea Jamie..

eichhornrita (Rita)
Yes all the way to the finish line

The billionaires are socialists? Make it make sense

suetn (Sue Nosbush)
All I can say is thank you. So true. An infusion of hope..

josharpwagner (Jo Sharp-Wagner)
This is the way…for sure..a peaceful gathering of like minded with solid science supporting…Reading through many of these comments…ie Dolores Cahill..Great Barrington
Dec’ etc… add ( locally) Reignitedemoracy’ Advocateme’ and all the great minds ( we know who they/we are) globally…it’s the way. And l want in…..

eyeswideshut20 (Sky)
Great ! Aliso we need to look into the fact that everything they’re doing is actually unlawful

fatm.00k (Fatemeh)
♥️ proud to have you as my fellow Australian @mcintyrejamie

josharpwagner (Jo Sharp-Wagner)
I just read the APHRA statement re vax.. .. One way to kill off your most beneficial, skilled and knowledgeable health workers. ..APHRA : absolute puppets..bullies and accessory to the NWO genocide.

kellibabovic (Kelli Babovic)
Love this Jamie

jacquie_mcintyre ( )
Right on yep yep yes I agree.

caradishaye (Caradi Shaye Miller)
I’m so excited to hear this.

freedommachine_phil (Phil)
Love it Jamie! Makes perfect sense!

love this Jaime! And agreed gullibility is deadly in 2021

heidi.caruana (Heidi Caruana)
Yes & Amen. Exactly what needs to happen

r.e.d. (Axl Mc)
Absolutely Brilliant and i support you 100%

mermaidsophiamarie (Mermaid Sophia Marie)
Completely agree with everything you say. On another note, and this may sound completely shallow, but I absolutely love your sweater! I know we are at war with the Elites and I’m completely woke. However, I could couldn’t help but compliment you on your sweater. All my love and support from under the sea. ‍♀️

2tallp (Love Life with an open heart)
Great initiatives to address the inbalance within our world …I’m truly confident we shall succeed if we all contribute and reverse the reset

ancientpathsmanitobah (Eric & Julie: of the Feilbergs)
This is so good Jamie. So so good. Yes. We need a horse in the race too.
I will share and urge others to share.
I’m on board!!!

kendallgray36 (Kendall Gray)
Love this fully behind this ! Thank God for people like you Jamie

Love it Jamie Its time for us all to start brainstorming a new way of life and bring it into being !!!❤️

evanssusann (Susann Evans)
Thankyou Jamie for everything you are doing, you are certainly a force for good and an excellent leader.

kerry96yum (Kathryn Kelley)
Onya mate, we need our own sercuity, those Looney tunes billionaires have been allowed to much reign, Australia forever ❤️❤️❤️

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